My first professional DSLR camera

January 3, 2020

I have always wanted to take pro photos and ever since I was a kid I was involved in visual arts. It runs in the family, with my dad being an artistic painter and a stage designer, he sure injected the love for arts in me and my brother. Even though I graduated with a music bachelor degree, I remember, spending quite a bit of time in my youth drawing and painting with oil and water colours.

Years went by and that passion for visual arts is still there and now I chose professional photography as the perfect medium to capture life through the lens.

My first Nikon D750
My First Nikon D750

I picked up my first pro DSLR camera in April 2019. After researching a few photography blogs, I chose Nikon D750 full frame camera. A camera that will allow me to learn the craft while shooting, a camera that is reliable and versatile for various photo shoot applications.

I happen to be in New York city and what better place than Adorama store to buy photo gear! Not only they have a large inventory, but their staff is always attentive and helpful. Highly recommended! Picked up the camera and there I go, excited to snap my first pro photograph.

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