November 17, 2019

I have been practicing professional photography for a short while, now and I am working on mastering the craft with every photoshoot. While my experience in image editing, retouching  and post production spans more than 15 years, I am excited to learn to see the beauty of everything through my lens and I help you tell your story through photographs.

My areas of interest are fashion photography, beauty photography, equestrian photography and event photography. I chose these photography niches because I want to be able to see people through my lens for who they really are. I am also available for family photography sessions.

I know, what you need is not any photographer, but rather beautifully shot and well composed photographs. Photographs you will look at many years from now and still evoke the same strong emotions.

I am happy to offer 1-2 hours on location photography sessions at absolutely no charge for one year.

I am open to assisting  other professional photographers or collaborate in photography projects. Would love to her from you! Please get in touch with me by email or phone call.

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